Ray Lilly kills wizards


The Suvudu Cage Match starts tomorrow and Ray Lilly is in it. What’s more, in the first round he faces Anasûrimbor Kellhus, the super-powerful wizard/monk in R. Scott Bakker’s Prince of Nothing series (first book here).

Yeah, as characters go, Kellhus is way up there on the power scale–so powerful, in fact, that every time I want to type his name I have to copy and paste it from Wikipedia because I don’t know how to make that mark above the “u”. But here’s the thing: Ray Lilly kills wizards. That’s his whole thing, and what’s more the sort of magic he has (and the cage match format lets him pull together spells from the different books) make him a very well-protected tank.

That’s how I’ve written the scene between them, anyway.

Anyway, the whole thing comes down to a popularity vote contest, which means I expect Tyrion Lannister to win the whole thing, and good on him for it. However! If Ray wins this first round of voting (which is iffy) and Tyrion wins his (much less iffy) then I have something special in mind for the write up between the two of them.

Vote for Ray if you want to see it.

I’ll post a link to the match when it goes live. Hey, it’s up to you guys if Ray lives or dies.

9 thoughts on “Ray Lilly kills wizards

  1. jury

    Hi mate, my friend lent me your books and i managed to finish them in a week’s time. it screwed up my bio clock but they are worth it. bloody good, i say. way much better than most UF out there. found out, too, that there are no plans to continue the series. tragic. really sad. is the story, like the “found” ocean, gonna be left buried in the sands? i hope not. anyway, i will be buying copies of your books – to give to friends and families – just to help convince Del Rey to give the series another shot. i know it’s a drop in the bucket, but it’s better than nothing. more power to you Harry. Hope i get to read more of what happens to Ray and the Twenty Palaces.

  2. jury

    forgot to ad, while blog and twitter is a good way to talk to your readers, as a marketing/advertising person, i feel it’s way much better to create a community where your readers can interact with one another. as well as with you. a forum where people can discuss and “speculate” about the series, and what “possible” direction the series is going is as exciting as reading a book. the world has gone social, and you should grow your extended “family” from around the world. cheers!

  3. The truth is that my readership isn’t large enough for it. If I put message boards on my site, I’d be creating a ghost town that would put off potential readers.

  4. jury

    Perish the thought of me knowing much about your readership base, however, personally if I let too much facts get in the way of my advertising persuasion, I won’t be able to sell another mousetrap.

    Amazon knew that people will want to write something about books they read, it’s being human. We do that even after watching movies. Creating a venue for readers to actually do that was a marketing ploy. People have a need to create a community – a sense of belonging. And Amazon created that review page solely to keep the readers “within” the confines of Amazon.

    I’ve read all of Butcher’s (Alera & Dresden) and Green’s (Nightside and Histories) books. Even discovered Hearn’s druid series and Kadrey’s Sandman Slim. They all have ways for people to interact with one another and create a sense of connection – Butcher and Green with their forums, Hearn and Kadrey with their Facebook pages.

    If you think forum is way too forward for you, then at least a Facebook page will give readers a chance to connect with other readers and you. It will also give you an eyeball (maybe by “like” footprints) if you have enough reader base to create a forum.

    From my advertising perspective, creating a page in your site where people can review (without spoilers) and comment on your books without your interference (of course with the option to delete) will make your site totally different from the rest (and if I base it on the glowing reviews at Amazon/book depository etc, it will kick-ass).

    It’s a marketing idea I’m giving you for free. :) Cheers

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