Reviews of Child of Fire, part 4


As usual, links and excerpts behind the cut:

1) metteharrison says Yay. “I read it to get my Harry Dresden fix, and while it is in the same genre, it’s not Dresden at all. Completely different, darker (YES, even darker!) world view. Interesting magic. Twists and turns. Characters I liked doing things I sometimes didn’t. I will be reading it again.

2) S. Krishna liked it with caveats. “While I did enjoy it and think it has a lot of potential, it doesn’t quite live up to the promise of the books it has been compared to.

3) My first one-star review! It’s from J.S. Willis, who posted it on the site. “I have to take issue, because in almost every other “urban fantasy” I have read that involves magic or the supernatural, ideas that are specific to the world the author created are EXPLAINED so I have a gentle grasp of the idea. This is not done.

I have to admit: Three-star “meh” reviews make me uncomfortable and resolve to try harder, but a one-star like this one–where the reader hated everything–makes me laugh.

4) But here’s a palate-cleanser from the site: N. Brett recommends it. “I picked this up for a quick read and enjoyed it far more then I thought I would, partly because it chooses not to lay everything in front of you and become stock fare for these kind of books. It has a real pace about it, a refreshing approach and cast and let’s not forget that vein of menace that creeps through much of the book. Recommended.