Reviews of my books, part 17


Yay! It’s a special Book Day review roundup of my first two books. Whoo-hoo!

1) Starred review from Publishers Weekly! Whoo-hoo! “Connolly fulfills and sustains the promise of his 2009 rural noir debut, Child of Fire, with this thoughtful Lovecraftian sequel.” (no direct link, because it’s behind a pay wall at PW, but you can read the whole thing at Amazon).

2) Game of Cages gets a Harriet Klausner review, and she liked it. “The second Twenty Palace Society rural fantasy (see Child of Fire) is a great thought provoking yet action-packed noir.” The synopsis is a bit wrong, but, you know…

3) Game of Cages got a great review in August Locus (no link because it’s in the paper edition): “This has become one of my must read series.” Oh, yes that makes me very happy.

4) Child of Fire got this fairly positive tweet-review from @johnmbeaulieu: “… almost as good as Dresden Files” Hey, I’ll take it.

5) TJ at Dreams and Speculations gives Game of Cages an 8 out of 10. “Child of Fire was a great debut of a series very much like Jim Butcher’s Harry Dresden but with a slightly different flavor. Game of Cages takes that solid beginning and improves on nearly everything–especially the action.

6) Only 3 stars from RT Reviews this time (after Child of Fire got 4.5): “Connolly handles the noir aspects well, and Ray is an interesting anti-hero, conflicted about his role in society and the choices it forces on him.” What the reviewer didn’t care for was a slow start (!) and a lack of… wait for it!… exposition! Honestly.

7) John Rogers, writer/executive producer of LEVERAGE, gives a reason you might want to buy Game of Cages: “One of the few urban magic books — for lack of a better term — novels I enjoyed last year was Harry Connolly’s Child of Fire. And I loved it.”

7 thoughts on “Reviews of my books, part 17

  1. RKB

    To heck with @johnmbeaulieu, Game of Cages is better than any Dresden Files book I’ve read so far. I’ll say it again – I just read the book and it is full of awesome!

  2. Akash

    Jim Butcher’s series is very hard to reach, but Game Of Cages comes close. Very high compliment. I’d say 9/10 one of my favorites of this year.

  3. Thank you! I’m a big fan of Jim Butcher, too. His books are great fun and there is a lot to learn from them.

    And hey, tell the world! If you like a book, be sure to let others know. That’s what keeps a series alive.

  4. Akash

    I always do recommend your books. I like how you always keep the story consistent and they aren’t really predictable. Te action is very good. Ray Lilly is a great character. How many Twenty Palaces books will be written? I hope more than 10 like how many series go.
    Jim Butcher is a deity of the urban fantasy world. He entertaims us and teaches us about life. I would have never expected any other series to come close to being as good, but I can tell this will. Good luck writing!

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