Reviews, Part 20


New reviews of my work:

1) I try not to duplicate info on my blog and Twitter, and I don’t usually post links to reviews, but I’m making an exception for Charlaine Harris: “Ray Lilly is one of the most interesting characters I’ve read lately, and Harry Connolly’s vision is amazing. I can hardly wait for the next one.


2) I didn’t see this when it came out, but Game of Cages got a terrific review from Booklist: “Ray’s voice continues to be charming despite his rough edges, and the plot more than taut enough to keep the pages turning at a breakneck pace; and there is definitely some fascinating history hidden beneath the surface of the world Connolly is spinning, and it’s thoroughly entertaining.” (no link, because I copy-and-pasted it from

3) Jeremiah loved Game of Cages: “Wow… Way down the rabbit hole with the series after reading this book. Love it.

4) An unnamed reviewer at Daily Ebook Reviews not so much. “Overall, I’d say the story felt like it was constantly firing away on two cylinders instead of four. Given how much I enjoyed Child of Fire, I know Connolly can do better than that.

5) Chris Valin at Wax Tadpole liked Game of Cages: “Where the sequel surpasses the first book is in the fleshing out of both the main character and the world in which he lives.

6) Game designer Rob Donoghue also liked Game of Cages: “… it rockets forward, once again underscoring how scary you can make something without ichor by illustrating it’s impact more than the thing itself.

7) David Hines didn’t like Game of Cages as much as Child of Fire, but he still liked it: “It’s still a really solid horror action/thriller, and if it’s not as conceptually exciting as its predecessor it does a good bit to compensate in the thrills department.” He also didn’t like the title. Me, I love “Game of Cages” as a title more than any of the others I’ve come up with so far. Child of Fire and Circle of Enemies are okay, but I lurve GoC so much I can remember where I was when I thought of it.