Reviews, Part 31


1) Christopher Valin at Wax Tadpole thought Circle of Enemies was the best of the Twenty Palaces books: “If Circle of Enemies were made into a film and marketed by the wrong people, the tagline would definitely read: “This time it’s personal.” Still, in a nutshell, that’s what makes the third Twenty Palaces novel stand out from the other two.

2) Stewart at Flying Turtle really liked Circle of Enemies: “Note I originally gave this an 8.5 but then decided to switch to a less numeric system. It’s now under Books I Love.

3) Mark Stone at Slacker Heroes thought Circle of Enemies was a big step up from the first two books: “Ray remains a flawed and very human hero emotionally torn by the difficult duties he must perform on behalf of the world.

4) Garrett at The Ranting Dragon thought Game of Cages was even better than Child of Fire: “This is not a series any urban fantasy enthusiast should miss out on.

5) Kiara at Waiting for Fairies thought Child of Fire was terrific even if she didn’t much like the characters: “The language was great, with good imagery, and the pace was rocket-fast.

6) Bastard at Bastard Books really liked Circle of Enemies: “What has attracted me to this series, and what I’ve enjoyed the most, is how horrific and disturbing some of the events and situations are. They often feed off some of our inner most fears, and in Circle of Enemies it’s no different, though a bit more toned down from the previous two novels.

7) Bethany K. Warner at Word Nerd thought Game of Cages was good but hesitates to recommend it because the series has been cancelled: “Connolly’s Twenty Palaces series is like a cross between Jack Reacher and Harry Dresden — all the violence that Reacher can mete out with a hefty does of Dresden-esque magic.