Role Model


You know what freaks out my son? Giant spiders.

Last night after rough-housing with him a bit, I was feeling a bit… musty. Shower time!

Except we had a visitor in the bottom of the tub, and my kid freaked right the hell out. This is the best pic I took of our intruder (Mike C and other arachnophobes, do not click.)


Stupid camera. I hate the way it takes pics.

Now, that freaked me out a little, too, but my son was right beside me, and he had goosebumps.

So even though I wanted to say “fuck it” and go to work the today smelling like a goat, I had to be the role model, take care of the problem, and do it with a cool head.

This parenting thing isn’t turning me into a better person, but it’s really teaching me how to fake it.