Secret Project revealed!


I’ve been hinting about a secret project for a little while now, and now I get to share the details.

On, I and four other writers (Lara Adrian, Stacia Kane, Kelly Meding, and Lucy A. Snyder) are writing a “chain story.” The first author writes a section of the story leading up to a major decision for the protagonist. At the bottom of the page, there’s a poll allowing you, the readers, to decide what will happen next. When the poll closes, the next author in the chain continues the story along the path you, the readers, have chosen. After the last story, the whole thing will be released as an e-book.

Here’s the official announcement on the Suvudu site. The cover art is beautiful, isn’t it?

The first chapter, by Lara Adrian, is right here. As I’m typing this post out, I haven’t even glanced at the first chapter (just got out of bed, actually). But on Thursday, voting will close and I will spend the next weekend writing chapter 2.

Yeah, it’s a real-time choose your own adventure. And yeah, I’m next in line.

So go! Read! Vote! I am a puppet and you pull the strings!