SFBC Omnibus Editions Have Arrived



Just a few moments ago I received a box of my author copies of The Wooden Man, the omnibus edition of my three Twenty Palaces novels. You can see the black satin ribbon bookmark that marks it as that month’s “Sliver of Night” selection (aka the featured urban fantasy for the catalog) for the Science Fiction Book Club.

And you can see my Halloween table cloth, too. I think that’s appropriate.

Anyway, if you want the omnibus, you’ll have to get it from SFBC or buy it second hand from one of their members. There’s a special introduction I wrote for it that you won’t find anywhere else.

6 thoughts on “SFBC Omnibus Editions Have Arrived

  1. Steve

    Awesome! Congrats, man. I remember when I was a kid I was a card carrying member of the SFBC. Now that I’m more aged I pretty much just read you and Jim Butcher.

  2. Brian

    That’s kind of cool, never much got into omnibus editions though, they start getting too hard to easily read at that point. But I thought you might find this interesting Mr. Connolly and was unsure where to post it for your attention. It’s about contemporary book burning that is going on currently at libraries, schools, and other book depositories around the world. Kind of makes me want to scream.


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