Sometimes you just have to walk away


Here I am at my computer, and what do I need most? To not be at my computer.

I’m refreshing my email inbox to search for new comments, searching for places to send review copies of Game of Cages, checking Twitter to see if anyone has re-tweeted the announcement that chapter 3 is online, refreshing the book’s page…

And you know what? I’m not going to do that anymore. I’m not going to check the or B&N page again. I’m not going to do an Icerocket search looking for reviews to link to. I’m certainly not going to go back to the Random House page, sort all their sf/f books by “bestsellers” and search through until I find where my book lies. No. It’s a waste of time.

Any marketing I do now, today, will have a tiny effect. The most effective marketing I could do was finished months ago when I turned in the book. The rest is up to readers and fate and dirty stinking luck.

So! I have two more emails to write, then I’m going to step away from the computer. First, I’ll clobber some hapless sword-wielders on Wii Sports Resort. Then shower, vacuum, clean the kitchen, clean the bathroom, make some pizza dough (or pretzel dough–I haven’t decided). But I have to get the hell away from my computer for a few hours. Jesus!

2 thoughts on “Sometimes you just have to walk away

  1. Michael B Sullivan

    Well, for whatever small amount of peace of mind it’s worth: I’m eagerly awaiting Game of Cages, plan to buy it and read it in the near future, and will post a review with my honest reactions to at least a messageboard or Amazon or something.

    So far, I’ve enjoyed the preview chapters.

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