Story Seeds


In case there’s anyone out there who doesn’t know what these seed posts are about, I exorcise ideas I like but will never write by giving them away on my blog. I’m timing these for Newtonmass morning as a special gift for anyone who wants them.

1) Occupy Bon Temps

2) Law & Order: Baldur’s Gate

3) Sometimes when I got to bed, late at night, my wife is already asleep. The room is very, very dark, of course, and I can hear her breathing under the covers but can’t see her. And sometimes when I’m lying there in the darkness, I think: That doesn’t sound like her.


5) Minion crowd-sourcing: Wouldn’t super-villains be sick of building these big bases, stocking them with armed guards (are these guys ever worth their paychecks?), and getting overrun by superheroes? Now that governments are using drone technology, it should be simple for a tech-minded villain to set up a private invite-only game where the players unwittingly operate drones. Co-op play! Rob the bank! Kidnap the mayor’s daughter! Look! A superhero is chasing you, and he’s modeled on one of the city’s *real* heroes! Super-fun battle time!

Of course, eventually the truth would come out and gamers would realize they were doing this stuff for real. The in-setting legal ramifications would be complicated, and there would certainly be new minion volunteers. As awful as it seems, you know there would be plenty of assholes on the internet excited to join a flying machine gun squad to hunt down Spider-man.

6) LORD OF THE FIGHT CLUB: The Dark Lord and his hosts have been destroyed, the elves have sailed into the west, and magic has gone from the world. Humans have peace at last, but now they have all become farmers and merchants. They dress well, work hard, and toil to create wealth. What chance does a warrior have to prove himself now that the final victory has come? What great deeds are left to be done for those with the desperate need to prove themselves?

7) Tolkien’s elves (and in many other iterations) are great lovers of music and the arts. Wood elves, high elves, whatever, they’re always described as singing/playing beautiful, ethereal songs and generally being transcendent.

So how do you think polar elves, the ones who live at the North Pole, feel about “Last Christmas”? or “All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth”? or “Wonderful Christmas Time”?