Story seeds


More stories that I’ll likely never write.

1) Christ died for the sins of humankind, but who will sacrifice himself for the sins of demonkind? Demons need a messiah of their own, someone part divine who has to save all of the damned. I’m not writing this one because I’m not Christian, and the whole messiah thing doesn’t really do it for me.

2) Same as 1) above, but with cats instead of demons.

3) Indiana Jones in the Harry Potter universe. An archaeologist investigating the historical secrets of a world where magic is real. This was my son’s idea (it was a gag to mix the two theme songs) but it would be an interesting challenge to make an “uncovering the real history” story work in a world with a fake history.

4) Another Jesus idea: Too many people are going to hell, and God is annoyed. So, Jesus decides to take an idea from his opposite side and begins arranging deals so people will sell their souls to him. Except he’s not what you’d call a salesman…

5) Two words: Mecha Dracula

6) Did you see the news article about the Facebook invitation to the 16 yo girl’s birthday party that went viral? Two hundred thousand people said they were going to attend. Of course, in the real world, the party was cancelled and the police said they would be patrolling the area to keep creeps away, but what if the party happened anyway? Would it be a murder mystery? A farce? A feel-good story of human connection?

7) I’m not entirely sure about this one, because it’s not a terrible idea, but I don’t know that I’d be able to use it ever: Wizard evangelists. I’ve sometimes heard people say that magic is just someone else’s extinct religion, but what if there was a fantasy world with many different kinds of magic? And what if the adherents of a particular type ventured out to foreign lands to convince the locals to abandon their own traditional magical styles in favor of the traveling wizards’? I think there’s a good story there (hell, maybe a whole anthology), but I’m not necessarily the one to write it.

9 thoughts on “Story seeds

  1. Demons don’t need a savior because they didn’t fall from an initial state of grace. The fallen angels who revolted with Satan don’t need a savior because that revolt didn’t corrupt their nature; all they need to do to be ‘saved’ is to return to their allegiance.

    Not being a Christian sort of handicaps you in this area.

  2. A. Nuran

    1) Obviously coming from a VERY Christian place. The idea of Mosiach as “personal savior”, intermediaries needed between God and anyone. By Jewish standards evil angels are an impossibility. But both Jews and Muslims accept the idea of non-human intelligences. Djinn can be good or evil just like humans according to Islam. According to both Satan is a functionary with the job of testing people.

    5) Already been done. cf. Zelazny’s “The Last Vampire”

    6) It wasn’t really a 16 year old girl. It was Alien abductors or hungry, lazy monsters or a Warehouse 26 style project to get a viable population for a one-way trip through the wormhole to a colony world.

  3. A. Nuran

    1) It’s a lot like believing in the meter maid.

    5) Robots have replaced humans. The last human vampire befriends the first robotic vampire.

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