The GOP’s Misplaced Rage


Bruce Bartlett, one of the people who developed the theory of supply-side economics and a long-time conservative economist, on why the current economic difficulties–deficit included–should be laid at the feet of President Bush, not President Obama.

He also touches on a topic that isn’t often mentioned: how much better the economy does under Democratic administrations than Republican ones, for rich and poor.

via: tnh’s Particles.

4 thoughts on “The GOP’s Misplaced Rage

  1. IndependentVoter

    Please don’t get irritated when a view is posted that doesn’t necessarily agree with yours Mr. Connolly. We need more non-partisan, openminded discussion and less partisan rudeness sir.

  2. Actually, what we need is *informed* discussion.

    I posted a link to a noted conservative economist concerning the budget deficit, and you refute his comments based on, what? A cartoon?

    I don’t mind differing views if they are well-informed. I very much mind knee-jerk contradiction.

    Finally, regarding partisanship, I suggest you look to the beam in your own eye.

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