“… the most powerful heartwarming story.”


Many of you have already heard the appalling story of Jaycee Lee Dugard, the 11-yo girl who was kidnapped 18 years ago and was just rescued from her imprisonment now at the age of 29. She was taken from the street right in front of her house–her stepfather saw it but was too far away to do anything to stop them–and help prisoner in Phillip and Nancy Garrido’s backyard.

She was raped, bore him two children, forced to live in hiding behind a fence in the back yard, under a tarp, with an outdoor toilet and shower. The two children had never been to a doctor in their lives.

They were only caught because Garrido found Jesus and was questioned by campus security while passing out religious literature with his two daughters. The guard notified his parole officer, and Garrido brought his wife, daughters and Jaycee to the parole office, where he was questioned until he admitted his kidnapping.

I imagine his stay in prison will be short, and not because the criminal justice system will release him, either.

However, he sees his story a little differently:

“If you take this a step at a time, you’re going to fall over backwards and in the end, you’re going to find the most powerful heartwarming story.”

Obviously, the man is dangerously insane. Here’s his blog. But it’s amazing what people can get away with. Seriously. I want to see what this “hidden backyard” looks like.