There’s a reason THE WAY INTO CHAOS is available for preorder on Amazon


Yep, The first book of my new trilogy is available for preorder.

Great Way Final Cover eBook 1 copy

Why, when the ebooks haven’t even shipped yet?

Well, because I’m close. Uploading the first book was part of the formatting process, because Amazon, B&N, and Apple found issues with it, as expected. I have a lot of emails to send, obviously, and I’m looking at a new program to handle it.

The trade paperbacks are scheduled to be delivered tomorrow, Tuesday (knowing UPS, it’ll be Tuesday night). A friend has offered to drive me to the post office the next morning. The envelopes are already addressed and sorted. All I’ll have to do is sign them and slip them into their bubble mailers.

The hardbacks won’t be ready to ship until sometime in late January or early February. Sorry, omnibus orderers. It takes longer to print really fancy books.

So, yeah. I’m close. I’ve also been working from wake to sleep every day, and it’s exhausting.

But, if you missed the Kickstarter, you can pre-order the paper version (pub date is being corrected) or the ebook from Amazon right now. It’ll be available from other vendors as soon as they list it.

You can also check out sample chapters for this book right here: