Things I like


I like when I schedule a post for quite a while in the future. When I’m scrolling through my blogs I’m surprised and delighted by the thing I’m sharing. So take a look at my previous post; it embeds my favorite version of A Christmas Carol and it’s something I share every year. (It’s 20-some minutes long and the art direction is amazing.)

I like that Twenty Palaces is available for sale on my website again. What’s more, I’ve added a .mobi file for folks who would like to read on their Kindle without going to the trouble of converting an epub. I’ve also added the .mobi file to the “Buy all the formats” zip file. Kindle readers, you can now buy directly from me.

I like that I didn’t have to set up the store myself (which I couldn’t do anyway). It was done by Jeremiah Tolbert at Clockpunkstudios, (hat tip to Tobias Buckell for the recommendation) and thank Pikachu I don’t have to fuss about it any more (except to add more stories to it). Awesome.

I like that I just printed up the first nine chapters of A Blessing of Monsters to send to my agent. Hopefully, she’ll think it’s something she can sell while I’m still writing it.

I like that I finally have two copies of The Wooden Man right beside me ready to send to Pat Rothfuss’s Wordbuilder fundraiser. Tomorrow for both of them!

I like that I’ve just turned around the edit for my story in the Don’t Rest Your Head anthology. DONE!

I like that I broke the 35K mark on ABoM.

I like my library, where I did the bulk of today’s writing.

I like free books in the mail.

I like Christmas lights and holiday music.

I like tiny pizzas that taste delicious without being super high in calories.

I like quiet. And darkness. And an almost-warm apartment.

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  1. Gwenael Tranvouez

    Do you know if The Wooden Man will be in the lottery, in the sure things or in the auction?


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