This is how today went:


Me: “Hey, book.”

Book, still sprawled out all over my life like the non-rent-paying couch-surfer it is, looks up. “Hmm?”

Me: ::Punches book in the face so hard it flies through the window, over the city, and lands in an open grave. The impact is so powerful that the piles of dirt on either side collapse onto it, burying it completely.::

Me, an hour later: ::Saunters up to grave, a celebratory burger in one hand, a marble tombstone tucked under the other. Drops tombstone in place and takes out broken, petrified femur stolen from Dorothy L. Sayers’s coffin. Kneels down and carves “A KEY, AND EGG, AN UNFORTUNATE REMARK” at top of headstone with bronzed tip. Below that line, carves “Agent has called this one to judgement.”::

Me: ::Walks away, eating burger::

(Actually, I haven’t sent it to my agent yet. I have to prep a nice little thing to accompany it it first.)

6 thoughts on “This is how today went:

  1. Sorry to ruin your awesomely visual metaphor to request clarification. But … have you *killed* AKAEAUR, or just abandoned it to the untender mercies of your agent?

    (I realize that “killing” a book may be a slang term that you young kids in the legitimate publishing world use, that I just don’t know…)

  2. To describe it briefly, it’s an urban fantasy with a 65yo socialite and committed pacifist as the protagonist. It’s much lighter in tone than the 20 Palaces books, and is meant to be kinda funny.

  3. Jason T

    Congratulations on the finish…

    But do you really think those token efforts can keep this one down? Novels are like zombies. ZOMBIES! I can already see its withered, tattered page thrusting up through the freshly turned earth…

    Does this one have a cottage mystery kind of vibe? I can see it really expanding your fan base since it sounds like quite a departure from the 20 Palaces works.

    Best of luck on getting it picked up.


  4. But if you slay a novel with just the right sort of revisions, the next time it rises it will work for you, just like the old-style South Seas zombies.

    The vibe of this new book is a bit closer to the Dorothy L. Sayers style rather than Dashiell Hammett. We’ll see how it does.

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