This is my sad face, indie bookstore edition


Everyday this month, I’ve posted about a book giveaway, and I’ve included a link to’s listing of Game of Cages every day. In fact, I’ve had a link in the sidebar of my blog for months.

And while I’ve had dozens of click-throughs, no one has bought a book from them.

My bookstore-loving brain is hoping that those sales will show after the book is officially published (which is 8/31–only two weeks away OMG), but come on, Child of Fire has been out since the end of last September, nearly 11 months ago, and no one has ordered that, either.

It’s sad to say that those links aren’t working for me, as much as I’d like them too. I’ll check the affiliate stats again in September, but it looks like I’ll be dropping those links from my site. Which is too bad; I’ve ordered books through indiebound, and it’s a good system.

10 thoughts on “This is my sad face, indie bookstore edition

  1. Sam

    Anyone who bothers to go to your blog already owns Child of Fire. Personally, I’m going to buy Game of Cages in a physical bookstore.

    Also, you should post another chapter!

  2. Actually, won’t pay affiliate fees for Kindle editions. I don’t know why. Don’t worry about clicking through from my site for that. Whatever is convenient for you is best.

  3. I forgot to post the second chapter! Thank you for reminding me.

    And this blog posts on my Facebook, LiveJournal and Dreamwidth accounts, where there are a number of readers who haven’t read my work. I’m pitching to them, sorta.

    And thanks for buying my book in a physical bookstore.

  4. Matt

    I’d have to agree with finding the website after reading Child of Fire, and while I’ve used the sidebar amazon link to remind myself of the release date for game of cages, the indiebound link recommends the bookstore at my university. I find that hilarious for some reason.

  5. I dunno, Matt. The university bookstore local to me (in Seattle) is a great resource for sf/f. I don’t know where you are, but maybe they’d enjoy the extra revenue, too.

  6. Claudia

    It is sad that people aren’t shopping at the Indie stores as much these days :-( I admit that I usually only do in person; the rest of the time I buy online from the big box stores.

    Plus, I live in a small space so I prefer ebooks to paperbacks. I bought your first book from — you forgot to list it in your links! I’m hoping to also get your second book there, but it’s not available in pre-order so I may have to get the ebook through B&N.

    Even though no one has ended up buying through your indie bookstore link, you may as well leave it up as long as there’s space. You never know, maybe someone will one day click through and make a purchase.

    BTW, your first book is terrific and I’m very much looking forward to reading the sequel!

    PS Oh, and please enter me for the draw :-)

  7. Claudia

    PPS Thanks for sharing the first three chapters! This means I can start reading the book tonight, which is a lovely treat.

  8. Which draw should I enter you for?

    You’re right that I should include Fictionwise. I used to have a long list of ebook sellers, but I thought it crowded things too much. I should definitely add them back.

    And while I like indie stores, I like the chain stores, too. I like their size and range of choices.

    I guess I’ll have to link to as a default, but leave buyers the other links as further options.

  9. Claudia

    Please enter me in for the draw for your new book, since I already have a copy of your first book :-)

    Most people know they can get ebooks from Amazon and B&N, but not as many people seem to know about fictionwise. That’s too bad, because they often have the best prices.

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