3 thoughts on “This week’s hypothetical

  1. Michael B Sullivan

    “Dinosaurs” is not one species.

    Let’s see. If we’re interested in (re-)establishing a population that can live in the wild rather than a tiny zoo remnant (and that’s a big “if”), then probably we don’t want to do any of the charismatic mega-predators. T-Rexes are neat to look at, but you can’t imagine people being cool with introducing them into the wild. Even triceratops are probably a no-go.

    How about Homo Neanderthalensis (ie, the Neandrethals)? Another intelligent species? That’d be pretty cool.

    Hmmm, if we are going to go with charismatic mega-fauna, how about Quetzalcoatlus, the perhaps-largest-flying creature that ever lived? A pterosaur with a 10 meter wingspan. Seeing one of those in the air would have to be awesome. And they probably didn’t eat human-sized things. :P

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