This week’s hypothetical


A British dude in a blue police box turns to and offers to take you anywhere you want in time and space. Yes, the TV show is real and the blue box is a TARDIS–except you don’t have to worry about unarmed speechifying in front of armed, violent aliens, since that’s just to add drama.

You can have three stops in time and space. Where do you want to go and what do you want to see?

6 thoughts on “This week’s hypothetical

  1. LabRat001

    1. Giza, Egypt, about 2570 BC with a camera. I want to see how the pyramid was actually built.

    2. Syria Planum, Tharsis, Mars, present day with a shopping trolley, some worn tyres, an old fridge etc. Make a big pile of late C20 garbage and wait for my grandkids to explain that one :)

    3.My home, two weeks into the future so I can look up the lottery results.

  2. Tim

    My childhood… so I could kick my ass

    My 20’s … so I could kick my ass

    My 30’s … so I could kick my ass

  3. LabRat001

    So now I have a half an idea kicking around in my head of a guy who gets his ass handed to him as a teenager by this vaguely familiar looking old dude.

    Embarassed by this he trains for a few years and gets on with his life. Ten years later familiar looking old guy cleans his clock again.

    More training, fitness, running, mixed arts then at 35 BANG! flat on his ass.

    Nothing else matters he dedicates his existance to his arts, ten years of practising, ten years of total focus then one day he wipes the post shower steam off the mirror and takes a good hard look!


  4. Seth

    30CE(ish) to see and talk to Jesus in the flesh

    The restaurant at the end of the universe (or its closest equivalent)

    100 M years (or its closest equivalent as all laws of physics break down) prior to the Big Bang through to 100 M years after, viewed from outside the Universe, over the course of 10 hours (with the particularly interesting bits seen at a more reasonable speed).

    BTW, ETA on the next Twenty Palaces book? I am really looking forward to it! Don’t reveal too much too quick (about the Society and the Spell Books). The revealings are in and of themselves fun. I like finding out how things work over time. Once the entire magic mechanic is revealed though, that would be a great time to release an RP adventure.

  5. alex

    first, I would go meet enoch so i could see whether his book had any basis in fact.

    second, i would go the beginning of the universe and take lots of pictures.

    then I would go to a place with cool technology, so i could learn something

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