Trying to get back into the swing


As I mentioned in my post last night, the last few weeks have been devoted to dealing with a death in the family.

Today, for the first time in weeks, I dug back into my new novel. I really wanted to do over 2K words but that wasn’t happening. Too much time away from the project, too much thinking about how long it was going to be and how much detail I should include. In fact, too much thinking about everything except character and story.

No wonder it was like pulling teeth. Tomorrow is Pokemon League, so I will have more time to do my thing. At least I surpassed my goal.

Lots of bills to pay, paperwork to handle, packages to put away, and art to store. Just because I’m back in Seattle and squeezing time for my writing doesn’t mean that the work is behind me. In fact, it’s going to be harder now, because all these tasks will have to be piled on top of what we already have to do, and my wife is going to be feeling pretty fragile about this for a long time.

On top of that, I put all my calorie tracking and such on hold while I was in Rochester. I’m back to 270, which means I just gained back the three pounds I’d lost after Christmas, which itself was a backslide from the months before.

But I consider anything within five pounds to be normal variation, so I’m not worrying about it and I’m getting back into the swing of that, too. Lot’s of walking yesterday and today, and after several weeks it feels really good.

Good to be home and working again.