Two difficult, but necessary, links


First, Jim C. Hines discusses the legal tactics of the Hotel Marriott lawyers in response to a lawsuit brought by a woman who was raped on their property: They are blaming the victim. (I’m linking to his LiveJournal because I can’t get his WordPress blog to open.) Jim has a warning at the top that his post is potentially-triggering discussion of rape and victim-blaming, and the comments are, too. FYI.

If you stay at Marriotts when you travel, you might want to write them a little letter.

Second, Hal Duncan has written an open letter to John C. Wright concerning Wright’s recent diatribe against Syfy, GLAAD and tolerance. I won’t like to Wright’s post itself, which is pretty gross, but Duncan’s response is excellent.

It’s also long, and the background makes it difficult to read. It’s worth the trouble, though.