What’s the proper way to dress a pizza?


Sauce first, then cheese, then toppings on the very top? Sauce, toppings, cheese? Put on the sauce last, so the cheese doesn’t brown so much? Or does it vary according to the cheeses, sauce and toppings you choose?

2 thoughts on “What’s the proper way to dress a pizza?

  1. Anja

    First sauce, then a bit of cheese, then toppings, and then more cheese (maybe added later in the baking proccess) :)

    I like spinach, garlic, and feta as toppings or a classical margaritha pizza

  2. Several people over on LiveJournal have suggested double applications of cheese, but it went over like a lead balloon last night.

    Me, I like a simple pepperoni pizza, esp if the pepperoni is the fancy deli kind.

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