Who is Jamie Nash?


Well, for starters, he’s a guy I know online. Not remarkable, you say? How about this, then:

He’s one of the writers for this comic book, on stands now:


I picked up the first issue this week, and it’s terrific.

And he’s the writer for I WAS A SEVENTH GRADE DRAGONSLAYER, upcoming for 2010. Here’s the trailer:

He also just put out a raucous short film spoof of the movie PARANORMAL ACTIVITY (warning: NSFW due to language, but damn it’s funny.):

AND! He also writes and directs a webseries spoofing the reality TV Ghost Hunters-style supernatural investigations shows, right at ParaAbnormal.tv. Here’s part one of the first “case” in which the investigators look into a haunted sex tape.

“Hi, I’m Tony. I’m an internet-certified exorcist.” lol

That’s who Jamie Nash is. He’s the dude who makes me feel like a slacker.

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