I get my internet through Qwest MSN, which is reasonably affordable and doesn’t make me want to stab people to death.


The big problem with MSN is that their webmail is a complete fucking disaster. For ex: A friend posted to a mailing list I’m on about adapting scripts to prose, and my webmail response turned five or six paragraphs into ONE 225-WORD BLOCK OF TEXT!

Microsoft! HOW CAN YOU BE GETTING THIS SO WRONG! When I hit the enter key, it’s because I want to put in a line break! If I do it twice, it’s because I want there to be a blank line between two small blocks of text!

THIS IS THE CUSTOM OF MY PEOPLE! We call them “paragraphs.”

Seriously, how fucking useless can you be? How can this be a big challenge to you? Just leave my fucking line breaks in place so I can email people without looking like a dumbshit. Do I really need to change my email address/ISP/email client because of your incompetence?

No! No, I do not. I’m not going to change anything. YOU ARE GOING TO FIX THIS PROBLEM!

4 thoughts on “WTF, MSN?

  1. Carl Rigney

    Sympathies on having to deal with a piece of software that lame.

    You could dump hotmail as the useless waste it is and use gmail. You can keep your existing ISP. And if your email client uses IMAP you don’t have to change it either.

    Or you could insist someone on the internet fix something by demanding it in ALL-CAPS. I haven’t had much luck with that approach, but it could happen, right?

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