Yay! Starred review in PW!


Child of Fire just got a starred review from Publisher’s Weekly. Here it is, reprinted via them.


STARRED REVIEW: Child of Fire Harry Connolly. Del Rey, $7.99 (352p) ISBN 978-0-345-50889-8

Connolly’s gritty urban fantasy debut is not so urban: it takes place in Hammer Bay, Wash., where residents are thankful for the toy factory that stimulates their economy and are apparently oblivious to the frequent magical immolations of local children. Convicted felon Ray Lilly works for the mysterious Annalise Powliss and the Twenty Palace Society, hunting down people who use magic and the otherworldly predators whose power they channel. Callous Annalise and hard-nosed Ray have a complicated personal history that gradually comes to light as the Society faces off against factory employees, local law enforcement and other corrupt forces in the town. Unique magical concepts, a tough and pragmatic protagonist and a high casualty rate for innocent bystanders will enthrall readers who like explosive action and magic that comes at a serious cost. (Oct.)


Holy crap, what a tremendous relief that is. Please do well, little book! Find lots of readers!

8 thoughts on “Yay! Starred review in PW!

  1. John Murphy

    Dear Harry, I am a huge Dresden Files fan and based on Jim Butcher’s recommendation I ordered Child of Fire from Amazon.com. I started it yesterday and I’m sure I’ll finish it this afternoon becuase I can’t put it down. This is a GREAT BOOK!

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