400 and 2,222


This is my 400th post on my blog, and the 2,222 post on LiveJournal. Those numbers don’t come around every day, so I’m going to do a giveaway.

Josh Jasper (aka sinboy) once suggested I make a replica of a ghost knife (just a replica, of course, you couldn’t cut through steel with it) but my efforts at making the sigil came out crappy. So I’m going to give away copies of Child of Fire.

So it’s post 400! And that second number up there has four twos, and if you add two twos together, you get four. And you get to do that twice. So I’m going to give away four copies of my novel (that’s how much brown paper I have left, anyway).

Here are the “rules.” The first two posts on the blog and the first two comments on LiveJournal get them. WordPress holds new comments for approval, so don’t fret if your comment doesn’t appear right away. I’ll tell you you’re getting one, you’ll send me your address, and it’ll ship it. You can keep it, donate it, gift it, whatever you want. You don’t have to read it right away, and you don’t have to review it online (although come on, people, I live and die by this stuff). It doesn’t matter if you already have a copy and just want a second. You ask and I give, no strings attached.

The books will be signed and inscribed any way you like and I’ll ship it anywhere in the world.

I got the idea for this because Del Rey sent me ten copies of the Advance Readers Edition to sign and return to them to use as prizes. I was surprised that they still had some lying around, especially since I asked them to send a bunch to this or that reviewer, and I know several didn’t get it.

No matter. Want one? Lemme know.

Update: All taken. You can still buy one, of course.

2 thoughts on “400 and 2,222

  1. Ronson Page

    Gimme. Gimme gimme gimme.

    Because I’m worth it.

    Also, because my Border Bucks don’t kick in for another couple of weeks and I’m itching to read it now.


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