A quick note before I return to my day job


Child of Fire will be getting a very nice review in Booklist. And, well, while I have no intention of discussing (or even linking to) every review I get–although the first few have been startling and noteworthy to me, no matter how routine others might find them–but there’s one thing in this review I really like.

As my editor said, this reviewer “got it.” A few of the early reviewers online were less than enchanted with the fact that Ray and Annalise (the two main characters) have a troubled backstory that is not explicitly described. Which is fine. I certainly understand being annoyed that there’s information you want or expect but don’t get.

But that’s how I wanted it. Child of Fire is structured like a mystery/thriller. It has scenes of physical danger (not all of them supernatural) mixed with scenes where people tell stories about their lives, or about the lives of their family or neighbors. Basically: magic, gossip, face-punching, to be glib about it.

The only major characters who do not tell their own stories are the two leads. They certainly have a difficult history, together and apart, but I didn’t want to write a story where the characters explored their pasts; I wanted one where tried to live with them.

And it’s nice to read a review that considered that a plus.