A study in contrasts


On one hand: ACORN employees give advice to professed criminals about hiding income from the IRS and establishing underage brothels, and are stripped of government funding.

On the other hand: Blackwater officials pay millions in government bribes to cover up the killing of 17 civilians and still retain government contracts worth millions.

So, give advice to criminals? Bad. Kill people? Low-level prosecutions and continued government money.

I say this not to make excuses for what those ACORN employees did, because fuck them. ACORN has done good work in the past, but there’s no letting those employees off the hook for that 13-year-olds at the brothel crap. I don’t care how well-funded that sting operation was, there’s no excuse.

But when is Blackwater–the whole of the organization, not just low-level employees–going to face congressional sanctions for what its people did?