Tragedy is when I cut my finger…


I was going to put this link into a “Randomness” link compilation post, like this:

Texting teen falls into open manhole. Oh, how I laughed. via tnh’s Particles

Go ahead and read it. I’ll be waiting here.

Done? Good. Did you laugh? I already admitted that I laughed, too. But I still feel sorry for that kid.

Now, I’ve heard a couple people say what a shame it is that her mom plans to sue over this, but I’m on their side (pending further facts, ‘natch). Leaving aside the fact that Americans aren’t nearly as litigious as our culture seems to think, workers shouldn’t leave an open manhold without warning cones or something around it. I don’t really care if she was texting at the time. What if she’d been distracted by something else? What if she’d been in the middle of an intense conversation with the friend beside her? What if she’d been on her cell, trying to get the latest on her grandmother’s ailing health?

By all reports, texting is incredibly distracting. Almost off-the-scale distracting. But that doesn’t mean the incident was all her fault. Workers have been cordoning off open manholes for longer than text-capable phones have been around, and for good reason. So I hope she gets a settlement that helps cover her doctor visit, at least.

I still laughed at the story, though.