Actual Question: What would make a great movie binge marathon?


My birthday celebration is coming up next month. For the last two years, I’ve taken the day off to watch the extended edition of LOTR and I have loved it, but this year maybe I should try something different.

But what? The Indiana Jones, Terminator, Star Trek, and Mad Max movies have some duds mixed in. The Three Stooges would be too repetitive. Star Wars has those damn ewoks, and I’m feeling like I’ve had enough Batman for a while.

It doesn’t have to be movies, though. I could do season one of Veronica Mars, or all of Jessica Jones, or take a heavy dose of Wallander.

Or, I could choose a bunch of different but related movies: martial arts fantasies, post-apocalyptic movies, or spy films, or something.

So I’m turning on comments so I can ask for help from you, dear reader: If you were to design a binge-watching marathon that ran from 12-20 hours (approximately) what would it be?

Sadly, the Cornetto trilogy is too short. The James Bond films are too long. Most TV shows are too long, especially if they run over several seasons. This website helpfully lists movie and TV lengths, but I didn’t see anything that made me jump up and salute.

Now, obviously I’m asking because I’m looking for ideas. Equally obviously, you probably don’t know me or my tastes. Don’t let that hold you back. I generally hate zombies and Saw-like psychopath movies, but any suggestions at all would be welcome.

I will say this: I’d like for them to be available on Netflix Streaming or on DVD (so my library will have them). That rules out semi-obscure series like the old Zatoichi films.

If I can’t come up with a better idea, I’ll probably be stuck with the Harry Potter films, and who needs that?

What do you say? Any ideas?

11 thoughts on “Actual Question: What would make a great movie binge marathon?

  1. Action Kate

    I’ll second BBC Sherlock.

    If you want to go for a lost weekend, there’s the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe.

    Toy Story 1–3 is a great arc.

    How to Train Your Dragon has two movies, but three years of half-hour cartoons (excellently written an animated) for another lost weekend.

    Any combination of Marx Brothers movies is always good.

  2. Brandon

    I’ve been on a game of thrones binge. You can stream it from the app free for 30 days. It definitely sucks a person in. The dexter series is a good binge too.

  3. Dirk

    Peaky Blinders would be the no. 1 choice for me. Two seasons (6 episodes each) of English gangsters in the 1920s. Atmosphere, style and Cillian Murphy are outstanding. Its on Netflix and a 3rd season is currently running.

  4. Mike Bird

    I’d go for season 1 of Banshee – on Netflix. 10 episodes approx 45 mins each. A cunning suggestion is that you’ll get hooked and want to watch the remaining 3 seasons. But it just gets better and better. Whatever you go for – enjoy. Happy Birthday in advance

  5. Brett

    Creature features. I especially love movies with giant insects or spiders. I like to see how the world is devastated by the terror, and how the human race deals with it. These movies are usually very bad and a 20 hour stint would probably melt my brain but it would be so worth it.

  6. Mark Schaal

    I’d say a Jackie Chan marathon but the current Netflix selection is incredibly inadequate.

    Freaks and Geeks would run you about 13.5 hours (Netflix).

    The Prisoner looks like 14-15 hours. I could even loan you my DVD set.

    Series 1+2 of Being Human is about 14 hours (Netflix).

  7. Matt

    Con films.
    Ocean’s 11-13 (6.5 hours)
    Lucky Number Slevin (2 hours)
    Now You See Me (2 hours)
    Catch Me If You Can (2.5 hours)

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