And that makes 20. Thanks, Scott Lynch


Actually, 21, but I was going to wait until I dropped at least 20 pounds before I blogged about it.

I’ve known for a long time that I needed to lose weight, but although I tried a number of different things, none of them worked. Then I saw this post on Scott Lynch’s LiveJournal and I knew I had to try again.

Always, always when I read about other writers who lost weight, there seemed to be stuff they were doing that I couldn’t. Elizabeth Bear was doing all sorts of exercise that my body could never manage. John Scalzi had his huge yard and his dog to play with. It was always something.

But Scott Lynch was talking about walking. Even with my pain, I knew I could do that. And since I’d already picked up Livestrong app for my wife’s iPad via John Scalzi’s recommendation, I already had the calorie counter.

So I’ve been at it for two months (why I put this extra stress on myself when I knew my series was on the line I don’t even know, but I didn’t want to wait) and it’s been okay. Not great, but okay. Truthfully, I hit the 20 pound mark a couple of weeks ago, but then I caught that cold and, between huge cups of honey tea, exhaustion, and low willpower, I lost ground.

Today I weighed in at 273. I still have a way to go, clearly, but considering that I’ve topped 302 in the past, it’s a good start.

Anyway, I think it will help me to blog about this, so I’m going to break down the experience into a few subjects. Hopefully, that will make the posts shorter, which means I might actually write them. Here are the topics I hope to cover:

* Food and other issues
* My personal advantages
* My personal disadvantages
* Pros and cons of Livestrong (Oh, god, the cons)
* Pain and goals

And whatever else I can think of. I don’t plan to turn this into a weight-loss blog (Pikachu forbid), but I do want to document some of this. And say thank you to Scott Lynch, and the other authors out there who have been writing about this in public.

2 thoughts on “And that makes 20. Thanks, Scott Lynch

  1. After some hard-charging that got me from 284 down to 252, I’ve had a month-plus of being sick (not all of that time, but enough of it) and bad eating habits — but the habits I established during the drop helped some, as I’ve mainly held a plateau during the time, plus or minus a couple pounds. It’s a long road ahead for both of us, but I’m committed to walking it. (Now if I can just get over the new-sick that showed up this week. Jeez.)

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