Another game


To follow up on my previous post (LiveJournal the game Bow Street Runner, I want to offer another in-depth mystery game.

This one isn’t a historical, though. It’s based on a Canadian kid’s show: 11 Somerset is the link to the game (English language version). It’s an immersive environment, like Bow Street Runner, but there are no prostitutes, gin smugglers or suspects to beat up. Each chapter looks like it’s derived from an episode of the show (I say “looks like” because I’ve never seen the show–hell, I don’t even know if it’s still on the air).

Anyway, in the first chapter you sneak around an office searching for the hidden parts of a mysterious device. Once it’s assembled, you get sent on missions by the dead(?) inventor. Collect a bunch of clues in the form of photographs and then try to answer the mystery. Fun. But not as costumey.