Apparently, I’m a “special snowflake”


I just returned from NW Bookfest where, on a panel, author Mark Teppo referred to urban fantasy authors who make up their own monsters as “special snowflakes.”

Well guess what? I am special, because I think UF has to open itself beyond the same stock supernatural characters if it’s going to survive long term.

I’m also a snowflake, in that I melt when you touch me with your tongue.

I hope that’s clear.

10 thoughts on “Apparently, I’m a “special snowflake”

  1. Neerdowell

    Your monsters are definitely original. I like how you combine the “price of magic” w/ “monsters.” It’s the first I’ve seen of its kind–at least in this specific way.

    Whose monsters do you like the most? (Sorry, I can’t think of a better word for monster) And if you don’t mind, whose magic system do you like?

  2. I don’t know the answers to your questions. I don’t read books that way, so I can’t really talk about which monsters or magic systems I like. Whether or not I like something always depends on other things.

  3. For those who wander by and think that I was taking a shot at Harry, I’d like to point out the other part of that conversation where I said that writers should not get caught up in the idea of being a special snowflake, but should write something that they love. Which, as is well evidenced by Harry’s work, he does with delightful abandon.

  4. Oh, you missed the conversation later at the signing table when someone asked us what we’ve been reading, and I happily pointed them toward your books. In fact, I need to go pick up a copy of Circle of Enemies. :)

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