Occupy Wall Street


And other cities, too.

This is not the political post I promised. This is something I dropped in comments on Chuck Wendig’s G+ and thought should be reposted here, regarding the protestors who kicked off the formerly much-ignored Occupy Wall Street demonstrations.

“Here are my thoughts: Hippies protest something. The rest of the country responds in this order:

Sneers at them.
Punches them.
Lectures them about how they should dress and behave so their fellow citizens will take them seriously.
Accuse them of being unrealistic.
Accuse them of being insincere.
Declare them “the fringe” and exclude their ideas.
Finally, years later, silently admit that they were right.”

At some point, the mainstream is going to stop attacking them and will start paying attention.

3 thoughts on “Occupy Wall Street

  1. Neerdowell

    George Carlin always said 80% of all demographics are awash.

    Listening to fake-ass hippies bash the square states (as gun-toting in-breds), call all republicans old racist white guys, and generally blame everything on Bush is kind of S.O.P. for them.

    The hippies are the “main stream” and have been for some time now. How can someone fight the power when they are the power? Shit, if you want to see a hippie ran state just look at CA. They own this bankrupt plot.

    People still risk their lives to get here, we can’t be pure evil. For every Cuban who sneaks into the U.S. via airplane wheel well or every Mexican that hikes across a dessert, I would gladly trade a Sean Penn.

    And it doesn’t help that there is that fuzzy gray line between liberal and hippie. I’ve met some pretty cool hippies since moving to CA. The environmental movement is a no-brainer. But a healthy economy will do more for cleaning up than the green movement ever has. Have you ever seen a clean ghetto?

    Real hippies are good. But most of the ones I meet just want to get stoned and ignore their children.

    The 80% rule applies to conservatives too.
    I hate group-think.

  2. I honestly can’t imagine the closed feedback loop that could lead to the statement: “The hippies are the “main stream” and have been for some time now.” Hippies don’t have power; not politically and not culturally. The only way their issues become part of the cultural consensus is after many years, when we’ve followed the steps I outlined in my post.

    But that doesn’t explain why my post about left-wing protests against Wall Street influence (among other things) earns yet another unfocused “victimized conservative” rant, complete with we-have-immigrants-so-we-can’t-be-pure-evil.


    First, drop the fake “in-breds” stuff. Slams against Wall St. aren’t slams against rural conservatives, as much as they’d like to imagine themselves the center of everyone’s attention.

    Second, hippies don’t run California, and they didn’t cause the state’s debts. That can be laid at the feet of a screwed-up initiative system. Besides, Gray Davis is a hippie? Pete Wilson?

    Third, “cleaning up” in the green sense doesn’t have much to do with cleaning up a ghetto.

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