Break out the frothy drinks and pastries!


I just got word today that GAME OF CAGES received a starred review from Publishers Weekly!

I can not tell you what a relief that is! I’ve been getting some great responses from early readers and that relieves an amazing amount of stress that I didn’t even know I had. Longtime readers of my LiveJournal know how much I struggled with the writing of that book–the restarts, the stalls, the plot mixups, the cast of characters, the uncertainty over whether the ending was too intense–all of it was really, really difficult.

And then I read this: “Connolly doesn’t shy away from tackling big philosophical issues–whether good ends justify evil means, how many civilian deaths can be justified in the pursuit of creatures that can destroy the world–amid gory action scenes and plenty of rapid-fire sardonic dialogue.”

Yes! Monsters! Face-punching! Moral quandaries! Not necessarily in that order!

My only quibble is that Catherine is an investigator, not a sorcerer/peer, but the essentials are spot on.

Yay! Check out the first chapter here.