“You’re not even making money from it!”


I’m still buzzing from yesterday’s announcement that Game of Cages received a starred review from Publishers Weekly, but I know the rest of the world has quite sensibly moved on. So!

Writers of blogs and fanfic might want to watch this animated lecture. It covers a lot of recent research into motivation–is money a good motivation for people doing thinky, creative work? What are the best ways to get people invested in a project?

The answers are surprising (not only is a big pile of cash non-motivating, it actually has a detrimental effect). And as soon as I saw the artwork of the guy playing guitar, I thought about fanfic writers, why they do what they do and what they get out of it.

Anyway, it’s a fascinating little video (and beautifully produced, too). I recommend it highly, especially if you’re someone’s boss or manager.

4 thoughts on ““You’re not even making money from it!”

  1. JTouey

    Harry, I know I’m a little late to the game but I’m sitting here in Borders with my newly purchased copy of Child of Fire and wanted to congratulate you on your long overdue success.


  2. Thanks JT. It did take quite a long time, but all things come to he who gets up before dawn and works like crazy.

    Hey, are you the John Touey I went to high school with?

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