Child of Fire Reviews part 14


Links to the reviews are behind the cut:

1) Elaine liked it: “Lots of suspense and some very original ideas. Highly Recommended.

2) I don’t think I linked to this before: RT Book Reviews gives it four and a half stars. “Connolly delivers the goods with this gripping magical thriller. It’s a terrific read with many frightening supernatural events. The first-person narration allows a glimpse into the protagonist’s head and makes him more real as the ingenious plot takes twists that keep the suspense going.

3) Steve Palmer Peterson liked it and plans to pick up Game of Cages: “Starts off fast and keeps moving.” He has an interesting rating system.

4) A reader on Goodreads (I don’t usually post about or Goodreads reviews anymore, but…) gives it a surprising 4-star review: “No romance, no fantasy.” No fantasy? I deliberately created a setting with very little magic in it, but…

5) Jen at My Favorite Bookworm liked it and is looking forward to the next book: “I can’t wait to see what happens in the next book, Game of Cages, out sometime next year.

6) Casey Lybrand liked it enough to buy GAME OF CAGES: “The female supporting characters = made of win. And not just Annalise.” This blogger includes a link back to the COF sample chapter.

7) Does this count as a review? let’s say it does, since I’ve been collecting all these links since April and I should probably just throw them on the web: Blogger Gail O’Conner lists it under the header “Here are a few of my favorites so far this year.” Nice! Also nice: I don’t have any negative reviews to post this time.

2 thoughts on “Child of Fire Reviews part 14

  1. What a great list of reviews! Congrats!

    I have a longer review in the works, actually. It’s in draft form right now. I’ll try to clean it up and post it soon! Very much looking forward to Game of Cages.

  2. Great! When Google Alerts alerts me, I’ll put a link into my next review roundup! I post them when I get seven reviews to link to.

    Thanks again for the thumbs up.

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