Child of Fire Reviews, Part 8


Even more reviews! Behind the cut, ‘natch.

1) In the December issue of LOCUS, Child of Fire gets a second positive review (the first review came out in their October issue) this time from Carolyn Cushman. (No link because it’s a magazine, of course.) The review starts with “Magic is making kids combust and nobody notices, not even their parents, in this high-octane dark fantasy first novel.” and finishes with “There are some over-the-top moments, but that’s all part of the fun.” Yeah, I’m happy with that.

2) LiveJournaler diatryma liked it: “It’s fun, very like early Dresden Files, the ones where Harry’s in over his head and the rules of the world haven’t been set up yet.

3) Scott at Scott’s Corner “really enjoyed” it: “The book is a good stand alone novel, though it seems to be the first book in a series.

4) Here’s a thread at the sffworld forum. No quote, because the opinions range from Yay to Nay. Also, spoilers galore in that thread.

5) As an update from part 7, “J” gives a more in-depth response: “I can’t wait to see what happens in the next book, Game of Cages, out sometime next year.