Computer Woes


My Kickstarter campaign ends on Saturday evening and I have the cover to prepare for the new paper POD edition of Twenty Palaces and I have chapters to revise and a kid to feed and an apartment to clean and and and and. But what did I spend most of the day doing?

Wrestling with a malfunctioning computer.

It turns out that my local backups are all futzed. The online backup is fine, presumably, the family photos are safely stored on a hard drive and all my writing is backed up elsewhere. HOWEVER! I can not get Time Machine to work on my desktop, even with the perfectly functional new Time Capsule I just bought.

What’s more, the two laptops work just fine. It’s only the desktop that refuses to back up then tells me that I may need to run Disk Utility on the backup drive.

Running Disk Utility on my desktop finds all sorts of permission errors related to the FRAMEWORKS and a few other things which are currently disabled, like Remote Management.

It looks like I’m going to have to export my emails, bookmarks, and GIMP files to an external HD, partition my iMac, the reinstall the OS.

Which I totally have time for. Obviously.

I hate this shit.