Did I mention? (advice needed)


Hey, did I mention that Circle of Enemies earned me another starred review from Publishers Weekly? I did? In my birthday gift report post? Oops. Sorry.

Well how about this, then? The Science Fiction Book Club’s omnibus edition of all three books has a page on line, and I think the cover is pretty cool. I look forward to receiving my copy, so I can see it a little bigger.

In other news, I have some pretty cool things coming up in two weeks or so, including an auction of an ARC of Circle of Enemies. The auction will benefit charity, of course, and I’m wondering what’s the best way to do this: Should I put it on ebay (do people still use ebay?) and turn over the money after I collect it? Should I have people donate, like, ten bucks and forward the receipts to me so they’re entered into a raffle?

I’ve never done this before, so I’m grateful for any advice you can offer.

13 thoughts on “Did I mention? (advice needed)

  1. Steve

    You might try asking the guys over at Penny Arcade. They seem to be really good at this sort of thing… Btw, what is an ARC? I assumed it was a review copy, or edit draft or somesuch from how you talk about them.

  2. Steve

    Btw, congrats of the SFBC omnibus. Cover looks great. Which reminds me – when is the trailer out?

  3. It’s an Advanced Reading Copy. It’s sent out to reviewers several months in advance (to, for instance, PW) but it doesn’t have all the final corrections to it.

    And thanks for the suggestion. I don’t know the Penny Arcade people but I’ll look into their stuff.

  4. RKB


    Annalise kind of reminds me of Rachel Phoenix from the X-men comic books from that omnibus picture.

    You can tell I’m a major fan because I know I will be buying the omnibus too. :P

  5. RKB

    On a somewhat unrelated note, I miss the Chris Claremont / Alan Davis days of the comic book Excalibur. Gosh that was good reading back in the day.

  6. It’s the mullet that breaks it for me. I can’t bear the way they draw her.

    And I have to admit that I thought Chris Claremont overstayed on the X-books, well past the time he was doing good work. Which isn’t to say that I’m not a huge fan.

    But yeah, it’s dangerous to be near Annalise. She powerful and careless about it.

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