5 thoughts on “This Week’s Hypothetical

  1. I’ll pick the Chronicles of Amber. If I strike up a friendship with the Princes, they could, from Amber, take me to *any* shadow or world of my desire.

    Pissing them off, or dodging armies of Chaos, though, might be a downside…

  2. Michael B Sullivan

    Look to Windward, to be boring. The Culture is a post-scarcity utopia for the overwhelming majority of its citizens.

  3. LabRat001

    That’s hard, most of the books I like tend to be really harsh to the major characters (those that survive the books at all).

    Either Harry Potter – Goblet of Fire: Minimal chance of getting killed, the worlds not turned all dark and twisty yet.

    or any of Neal Ashers work (first step get myself backed up).

  4. Jodi Davis

    Guess! OK, I know you did… Lymond. I guess I’d have to be a man to have any fun but I’d give it a go as a woman.

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