Didn’t I promise a teaser trailer today?


Well, I have it right here and ready for you. What’s more, I promised that there would be a cool announcement to go with it, didn’t I?

First, here’s the teaser trailer:

Twenty Palaces Teaser Trailer (not HD) from Harry Connolly on Vimeo.

That one isn’t HD, but if your connection can handle it and you want to go full screen, there’s a High Def version as well.

Honest to Pikachu, I love this teaser trailer. It’s gorgeous and gory, just as my editor said. What’s more, from what I’ve seen of the full trailer, it’s going to be even more incredible. The guys at Wyrd are doing a fantastic job. (The sound effects make my hair stand on end!)

What about that announcement? Well, now that my editor has dropped the announcement over at Suvudu, I feel fine posting it here: As a short-term promotion for my upcoming Circle of Enemies, Del Rey has dropped the price for the Kindle edition of Child of Fire to only 99 cents!

That’s right. For a limited time (don’t ask me how limited because I’m not at all certain) Child of Fire will be available for just one dollar. What’s more, Game of Cages has had two dollars knocked off the ebook price.

As I write this, prices in Apple’s iBookstore and Sony eReader have been changed, but I can’t link to them. Google Bookstore is more accomodating. Child of Fire | Game of Cages. Unfortunately, as I write this, Barnes & Noble hadn’t implemented the price change yet. B&N, why do you have to be so hard on me?

Two more things to say: First of all, this isn’t the last cool thing happening today. See next rock.

Second of all, I’m tremendously happy that Del Rey (and everyone at Random House, too) chose my books for this promotion. Really, they could have given this push to any number of authors, and it shows their confidence in the Twenty Palaces books that it’s happening to me.

So, if you wouldn’t mind maybe spreading the word a little bit? It’s only a short time offer, but poor Ray Lilly could use a couple extra readers before book three comes out.

Added later: It seems that only the U.S. version of Amazon.com that have lowered the prices. Readers outside the U.S. should check that Google link, though. It might be what you’re looking for.

12 thoughts on “Didn’t I promise a teaser trailer today?

  1. Mike

    Picked up the kindle version seconds ago! Now I can loan it to my friend to get him excited about the series. Great promo!

  2. Steve

    Initial camerawork, music, props, circle drawing: excellent, top drawer.

    scratching the throat: kinda goofy; if it were more offhand it might have worked better, but it seemed like he was thinking primarily about scratching his throat, not the problem before him while he happens to make a gesture.

    cutting the fence: the ghost knife is posed for the camera as if it is the main character (slightly goofy), and it clearly doesn’t go all the way through the lock; something about the lock was off too – maybe it looked too new, or not imposing enough?

    confrontation with the sorcerer – awesome! Extremely well done, from the cgi to the gritty smackdown and blood spatter. The smile felt natural, as if he was actually amused. Nice final voiceover as well.

    Overall, really cool – glad to finally see it!

  3. That’s exactly how I imagined Ray to look. Same for his spell. This looks great. If it could somehow get turned into a web series, that would be really slick.

  4. William

    Awesome, especially the sound effects and background percussion. Freivogel did a great job of bringing Ray Lilly to life. Kick ass trailer!

    I disagree with Steve, though: I thought the throat scratch was a nice touch that added to Ray’s seedy character–like he’s got fleas or something.

    I also don’t mind that the “ghost knife is posed for the camera.” The knife is Ray’s main weapon and is featured prominently in the books, and viewers–let’s assume they are unfamiliar with the series–have to get a quick intro to Ray’s world somehow. How else would they learn about the ghost knife in a thirty-second trailer?

  5. Steve

    You make a good point. I wasn’t looking at it as a promo for something I was unfamiliar with (what it actually is); from that perspective the establishing shot of the Ghost Knife is a lot stronger.

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