Some people hate to wait.


And I don’t blame them. People have been bugging me about the release of Circle of Enemies for nearly a year now. Should they have to wait another month for it? Longer?

Possibly not!

Here’s the deal: I have an Advanced Readers Copy of Circle of Enemies sitting on my shelf, and I’m going to auction it off on eBay to benefit a local charity. Here’s the link. Go! Bid! Spread the word!

Truthfully, I wish I could have found my charity listed in the eBay system but they’re not there. Instead I’ll have to cut a check after the money clears–which is fine, but creates a “Sounds like a scam!” response in some people. Maybe I’ll provide pictorial evidence.

Anyway, the proceeds will go to The Ballard Food Bank, which really helped my family when things were difficult a few years back. Since then, the recession has hit and food banks everywhere are straining to help those who need it. We don’t need them anymore, but now that I have an opportunity to pay them back a little, I’m doing it. (When I told my wife about my plans she said: “Yes. Oh yes absolutely, thank you.”) I’ll be paying for shipping and I’ll be donating 100% of what I get after PayPal/eBay takes their cut.

Again, I’d be grateful if everyone could help spread the word a bit. The food bank folks are good people and deserve whatever help they can get.