I’ve been so swamped with everything, that I haven’t been able to to make a sensible comment on the racism in sf conversation that’s been going around. And now that Mary Anne Mohanraj has written this post on John Scalzi’s blog, I don’t have to.

Because those four points are pretty much the basics of my understanding about race in this country (except she expresses them better than I ever could). A racist culture produces racist citizens, and I’m one of them. I’m not proud of it–in fact, I’d very much like to fix that part of my mental programming. It’s difficult, though. As pnh said several weeks ago, this stuff in ingrained in us.

Anyway, I’m going to leave out the other comments I was considering–I’m far from an expert here, and I’m still reading and thinking on what people say. I’m also turning off comments, because this isn’t the best place to discuss the issue. Check out the post and follow the links. Good night.