First, some links, then some me


1) It’s real because it’s science: Gay marriage causes earthquakes! Darn pulses of gay energy. (via Andrew Wheeler aka antickmusings)

2) Man arrested for calling 911 because his drive through order at McDonalds did not include a juice box. Expect to see this on in the next couple days, although it sucks that the employees were laughing at him because he couldn’t speak English well. How many languages do they speak?

3) How many Canadians flee their crappy health care system for our fantastic American system? Practically none! In fact, the idea that our northern neighbors avoid wait times by crossing the border is politically expedient bullshit. Meanwhile, a million California residents a year seek affordable health care in Mexico, which doesn’t even count the hospitals in Thailand and India that are specifically built to handle American patients.

4) Marvel Comics attempts to draw in women readers with series about large-breasted models. Can you see how this would fail? ‘Cause I sure can’t. Isn’t every female comics reader hoping to see Mary Jane Watson team up with a revamped Millie the Model to solve a crime?

5) Oh, look! It’s the classiest logo of all, for National Fist Bump Day. I’m sure their T-shirts will sweep the nation.

6) And now I link myself, which sounds vaguely dirty. Thank you to everyone who offered to read an ARC of Child of Fire. I will forward your addresses.

Comments on that post are screened, so I’m not going to unscreen them to respond. However, I have your addresses. Thanks, again.