Five Things Make a Friday Post


1) For folks who are still waiting for the Twenty Palace prequel, I have already self-published a number of short stories and novellas. None of them are in the 20P universe, but one is a historical fantasy set near Seattle in 1879, and the rest are second world fantasies. Some have never been published anywhere else: Kindle | Nook

2) Note for folks who visit that B&N page: I’m not the photographer, and I’ve never published scraped text through Hephaestus Books

3) Today is my tenth anniversary. The traditional gift is an ebook, right?

4) Last night we had our anniversary dinner. We ate steaks from Don and Joe’s, roast beets, green beans, and fingerling potatoes, a fancy cheese that I lost the label for and can’t ID right now, a delicious tiny lemon cheesecake from The Confectional, and a bottle of Beringer Cab from 1997 that we bought for our wedding. Thumbs up to all of it.

5) My son read a D&D comic and now wants to play the game. Do I have time to run a fantasy campaign? Shit to the no.

12 thoughts on “Five Things Make a Friday Post

  1. drnuncheon

    FLGS = Friendly Local Game Store.

    You’re in the wrong part of the country for me to help out with specifics, though. I’ve got a couple of protogamers around here that are around the same age, I thinkā€¦

  2. Larry

    FLGS, as already stated is Friendly Local Gaming Store. The link I posted will let you search for stores near you that are running D&D Encounters.

  3. Mike

    The D&D board games (Castle Ravenloft, Wrath of Ashardalon) are a good way to get family D&D done. They’re pretty quick and kids love the components (especially the weirder monsters).

  4. A local shop runs a weekly game, just starting a “Beyond the Crystal Cave” campaign. But it’s already started and runs for 16 weeks. I’ll have to look into the next event.

  5. Larry

    That’s entirely up to you Harry, but “Beyond the Crystal Cave” is the current DnD Encounters season and it’s only just started this past Wednesday. They’re designed to run as pickup games so coming into mid-stream shouldn’t be a problem. Unless the GM near you is odd like that.

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