Five things make a Sunday post


1) Curious about the plot of Twenty Palaces, the prequel to Child of Fire? Well, some years ago I ran the query past Evil Editor for their advice way back in 2006. Over the weekend, EE brought it back as an Evil Editor Classic. (Here’s the original, with amused commenters.)

It’s interesting to note that I’ve cut 9K words since then, but that query most definitely sums up the plot of book zero.

2) So! Authors have a lot of outlets to obsess over their sales, but one of the ones I like is the Random House website. See, I can go there, click on “Science fiction/fantasy” on the left sidebar, and it will show you a list of their available books, sorted by how well they sell.

I know, right?

Well, today, for the first time ever (not that I check often, but still) Circle of Enemies was the first book listed. The ebook, actually. Can I say “Yay!” For the series to continue, CoE is going to have to do quite well, and I’m tentatively taking this as a hopeful sign.

3) How is THE DARK KNIGHT rated PG-13? Jesus, but it was dismal, disturbing, and intensely violent–all things I like, mind you, but I’ve taken my son to a couple of PG-13 movies, and I think this one would have been a bit much.

4) However, as this is the summer of my son’s ninth year, I’m back to seeing films in the theater again. We saw KUNG FU PANDA 2, and yeah, it was just as great as you’ve heard. PIRATES 4 was a complete mess, though. When the main villain, Blackbeard, is introduced, he magically ties up a big crowd of mutineers, then stops himself from punishing them because his daughter asks him to. Nothing like a villain not acting villainous to win the audience over.

Then there was the “SHE HAS A NAME!” thing, which confused me at first because I thought the mermaid really did have a name. Turns out it didn’t matter if she did or not, or what it might have been, because the supposed good guy hangs one on her himself without caring one whit how she felt about it.

Finally, it turns out that Barbossa got a peg leg because he’s too much like the KGBeast. You know, the next time I get some tape stuck on my finger, I’m just going to cut off that finger.

5) I still have a lot to do to prep for my trip to NY, so off I go.

4 thoughts on “Five things make a Sunday post

  1. Jonathan C

    I just read both your novels in the last week and I’m looking forward to the next one in August. Is the prequel story available in print aywhere?

  2. The prequel isn’t available anywhere just yet. I’m hoping to sell it to Del Rey, and they’re not going to make a decision on it until they see how book 3 does.

    Sorry. I’m looking to get some of my short fiction online in the next month or so, if that is at all interesting.

  3. Jonathan C

    Ah well, no problem, I’ve waited 5-6 years for George RR Martin, and even longer for the Dark Tower. I can wait for Twenty Palaces. I’ll pick up your short fiction when it comes out online through Amazon. I love that kindle.

    One of my other favorite authors, Michael A. Stackpole releases a lot of his stuff directly on Amazon sans publisher. He has blogged a lot about it, which may interest to:

    Lookin forward to the trailer, and the next book. Cheers.

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