Here’s a photo of me with Ray Lilly.


Got back from yesterday’s shoot at nearly one a.m. and now I’m about to head out again. Last night I met the actors who are playing Ray and Catherine Little, and they were both great people. Poor Marisol Acosta didn’t have much more to do but run through the woods from a glowing light overhead, but Jim Freivogel had a brief little scene where Ray cuts through the gate of a lock with his ghost knife, and wow is it more involved to shoot that then to say “Ray approaches the gate and cuts through the lock with his ghost knife.”

Marisol is much better-looking and ten times kinder than Catherine is in the book, but just as smart. I was lucky enough to have a chance to talk to her for a while. I linked to a picture of Jim earlier and many people thought he was much more handsome than they’d pictured Ray, but he seemed spot on to me: he’s tough, slender, very physical, and has great intention. I’ll put the photo behind a cut, but you can also see that he’s a good-looking dude, and not just because he’s standing next to me.

Today I meet the actress playing Annalise, although heavy downpours mean they can’t shoot an outdoor scene of her killing a guy. I hope to get a picture w/ her in full wardrobe and costume, just as I did with Ray and Catherine.

As for me: we left the house at 8am yesterday and returned at nearly 1 am. It’s now 7:30 and we’re about to head out again. I’m tired but my pain is at reasonable levels.

And now, the picture of me and Ray:

Me and "Ray Lilly"

Check out the whole set to see Marisol and the rest of the shots. Unfortunately, my camera didn’t work very well with the night exteriors.

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