L.A. followup


I’m here in L.A. Wifi is spotty and I don’t expect to have a lot of computer time. I can barely keep up with my emails, let alone read anyone’s blogs.

I spent much of the day talking about what Annalise’s tattoos will look like, and looking over the many copies of the ghost knife the prop guy made. Also Annalise’s ribbons.

Tomorrow is the first day of shooting, and they expect things to run very late. I expect to push myself very hard as money guy/production assistant’s assistant.

And I should have been asleep two hours ago. G’night. I expect to post again in a couple of days.

4 thoughts on “L.A. followup

  1. David

    Can’t wait to see the trailer! I heard about your books through Jim Butcher’s interview, read the first chapter of the first one at B&N, and was hooked from there.

  2. I was going to ask if the Publisher was contributing to the cost then I noticed your “money guy” comment. I can’t imagine a production like this being cheap so good luck with it. I can’t wait to see the finished trailer.

  3. It’s pretty much guaranteed that I won’t make back all the money I’m spending in sales. However, it’s tremendous fun and I expect to have something deeply cool at the end of things.

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