I blog prolificly!


Have you ever wondered what I sound like? Expecting a deep, rich voice? A high, shrieking voice?

Well, you can listen to the Seattle Geekly podcast right here and listen to an interview with me. Secrets are revealed! I talk about book 3! Even better (from my POV) they say why they think my books are good.

I only wish I knew how they digitally altered my voice, because there’s no way I really, truly sound like that. I mean, I can hear myself inside my own head, right? Right?

2 thoughts on “I blog prolificly!

  1. RKB

    You sound like a regular dude. ;-)

    I’m heartily getting sick of everyone comparing your books to Jim Butcher. Other than the main characters being men and there being magic in both books, these series are totally different.

    Honestly, if I was going to compare you to a male writer, I’d probably go Stephen King because of the large creepiness factor that goes in both author’s books. :-) I find the predators to be very creepy and the people who care and feed them even worse.

  2. Well, Stephen King is a horror writer, and a successful one, having been grandfathered in from the boom of the ’80’s. Modern horror writers? They struggle.

    But it’s inevitable that I’ll be compared to Jim Butcher. His Dresden Files books are the only male-written, male-lead urban fantasies that are doing well. It would be weird *not* to compare them.

    And the books definitely are different, Jim (if I may be so familiar) has said so himself. That’s not good or bad (I enjoy the hell out of his work) but for a modern male UF writer like me, it’s inevitable.

    Me, I’d be happy with half his sales. Or a quarter of King’s.

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